But, who is CocoR?

It's always difficult to find a description that suits me ...
I am neither a model nor a photographer, one can say that I am an artist, I suppose ... I mostly work on self portraits. Why ? Simply because I am sorely lacking self-confidence, and do not feel comfortable enough as a model to pose for someone (except for rare occasions) and do not feel talented enough to take people in pictures ( except for rare occasions!)

I am just trying not to take life too seriously, I mean, why bother ?

Frequently asked questions:

- "I can not access the portfolio":

It's perfectly normal, you first have to register, with a name (it's always more fun) and your instagram pseudo (it allows me to control who looks at my photos and not to to fall on sexual predators!)
- "Collab? "
Yes, but under certain conditions, whether you are a model or a photographer, I am open to any project. I just give myself the right to accept or refuse. But before all things, a beer imposes!


- "Can I have a print? "
Of course ! Contact me, tell me what picture you want to shoot, and go! FYI: I do not make a profit on the prints, I charge the price of the draw + the shipment. Basta.