• CocoR


Sometimes I ask myself : "Why am I doing this ??". I wonder why I embarked on such a project. I'm not in the habit of going to the end of my ideas, with a 365 project, I'm pretty sure I won't finish the year. For those who have been following me for a very, very long time, you know that a few years ago, I had already tried the adventure. And necessarily I had to stop after a few weeks. You remember ? This was the project :

This year less constraints, no particular theme, if not everyday life. I realized that with work, family and everything else, I no longer had the time to take photos just for fun. That I would shut myself up in my self portraits, without taking the time to look up and take the little pleasures of life in photos. It is therefore a thing resolved.

I've been standing for this challenge for a month now, there have been some oversights, I agree, but I'm proud to have held out until then and I really hope to hold out for at least a few more months. And you ? What do you think ? Do you like seeing something other than my body?