• CocoR

Coming out

Hello Loved Ones !

Today is a big day. Well not so big, but still a big day for me ! That's it, I feel ready, ready to take other people than me in photo. I think I have taken a step, the self-portrait is not enough anymore. Today I feel the need to open myself to the world and to express myself differently than with photos of me. I feel ready to take up the challenge.

I told myself that my photographic passion would never come out of my home, that everything I needed was with me. But I grew up, I changed, I want to try something else. So of course I'm not saying that I'll be the best, because it would be a lie to tell you that. But I will do my best, and such an experience can only serve me, can only help me grow more.

So here I call, French or not, in the region of Nimes - Avignon - Montpellier, models or not, women or men, big or thin, hairy or hairless, I WANT TO SHOOT WITH YOU!

If you are interested, call me, dm me, contact me, come to me baby hahahahah.