• CocoR

Driven by love 爱

Love is complex, whether it's friendly, family, romantic or about yourself. Some flee it like plague or just run after it.

I believe that love, whether to yourself or to another person, should make you grow and flourish, even if it may be a bit naive on my part. I also believe that love, in all important relationships; with your parents, your friends, in your relationship or with you, should help you become a better person.

I have a particular vision of love, I like to love, and I love a lot. Some will say that I love too much, that I fall too often in love. But for me, there is no barrier to love, and I am not afraid to say that I am in love with my friends and my lovers. I have a soft heart, and with me it is all or nothing, I love deeply or I hate with ardor, nothing in the middle.

Some might call me sapiosexual, polyamorous, I do not like to put words on it. I love, that's all. I love a person for what he/she is in his/her entirety, for his/her intelligence, knowledge, passions, for what he/she has been threw.

Love is being oneself; whether you are with a lover or a friend - not because you do not care what others think and no matter what you are going to be - but because that person makes you feel safe enough to to express who you really are. This person respects you enough to accept you in full. This person can also be yourself. You have the right to love yourself, to look in the mirror and to find yourself beautiful, to love the person you become each day. And if you do not love yourself yet, you have the right to let others do it for you and help you get there. It's beautiful too, to grow and progress through the relationships you have with your loved ones and not in spite of them.

My perception of love may not be the same as yours, and that's fine as long as you and the people involved feel good about your relationship. So, let yourself be loved, love others and help each other become better people.