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Mis à jour : 1 févr. 2019

Hello Loved Ones,

With this serie of blog posts I'll try to explain further more self-portraits. This if of course my own point of view, and how it worked for me, it may not work for you or work differently ! We are all unique after all ! Do not hesitate to share your point of view with me in the comments !

1.What is it and how can it be good for you ?

2.What gear to use while shooting self-portraits ?

3.What to wear for a Self-portrait ?

4. How to pose ?

5. How to edit your shots ?


  • Camera

It's really not complicated, I always use my Canon 70D, or the camera that I have on hand when I shoot (I started for example with the Canon 350D).

2011 _ Shot with Canon 350D in front of a mirror

  • Stabilisation

A tripod for best results! I did not always have it, when I started, I stacked books so that my camera was at the right height, or I put it in a place that made the angle a bit special. It is true that with a tripod it's easier, it's much practical to make adjustments of height, distance ... You have a ton of possibilities here, just find a flat surface to put your camera on.

  • Trigger the shot

What is nice with the Canon 70D is the Wifi function that allows me to take my pictures from my phone as a remote control. So I have a preview of my framing, and all my settings.

But let's be honest I was not always so well equipped, for a long time I took my photos with the self-timer of the camera, it is long and tedious, but it is doable.

Using my phone as a remote to take my shots

It's that simple ! All you need is a camera that takes pictures (phone, APSC, full frame, whatever). Something to stabilize everything (so that your photos are clear) a table, a stack of books, a tripod be creative! And finally a way to trigger your shot, a remote control, a phone, the self-timer again be creative !!


Regarding the lighting, I do not use any artificial lights (or at least very little). I prefer to take my photos in front of a beautiful natural light. But, once again, it's up to you to choose what suits you the most. Personally I find that the artificial lighting distort my photos, plus I'm not feeling comfortable enough yet to use this kind of lightning, I want to be able to shoot quickly whenever I want to. I'm too lazy to take the time to set lights, camera, backgrounds and stuff, that is mainly why I do not use all of that. Do not see all these elements as constraints, but as variables with which you can play almost infinitely and get so many different results!

Now you just have to practice again and again, until you find the shot that makes you vibrate, the shot that make you think "Wow I'm stunning on this one !"

So you could have an idea of what is possible, let me show you two "similar" shots, taken very differently !

The first from 2011, taken with a Canon 350D laying on a chair, took with a 10sec timer in front of a window.

The second from 2018, taken with a Canon 70D on a tripod, triggered with my phone as a remote, and as usual in front of a window.

See ? There's not much difference ! Well of course my body has changed but what I'm trying to say here is that you don't need expensive and pro gear to take good shots ! You just need to stay open minded and creative !!