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Mis à jour : 1 févr. 2019

Hello Loved Ones,

With this serie of blog posts I'll try to explain further more self-portraits. This if of course my own point of view, and how it worked for me, it may not work for you or work differently ! We are all unique after all ! Do not hesitate to share your point of view with me in the comments !

1.What is it and how can it be good for you ?

2.What gear to use while shooting self-portraits ?

3.What to wear for a Self-portrait ?

4. How to pose ?

5. How to edit your shots ?

Self-portrait: What are the benefits ?

First of all, by taking selfportraits you will be taking time for yourself, and that's good! As a result, you will confront your image, scrutinize it, analyze it, correct it. You will progress, find ideas and staging that match you, or even surprise you by discovering your photos, because we are regularly very surprised by what we can do and express.

Face-to-face with oneself

In the field of photography (or painting), self-portraiture is a dreadful exercise, so how are we going to put it to our benefit? Above all, the self-portrait is a look at one's own appearance, but also about one's personality, and probably one's mood. Therefore it requires time, imagination and self-criticism. It also allows you to face each other without being judged. It allows you to discover step by step and to have a body language as well as expressions that one would not dare to have in front of a photographer or uncle Georges. But it also allows you to let go totally, to explore its creative side, to learn how to develop and especially to express your feelings; we are very far from the selfie approach for social networks, because the goal is to do a personal work and not necessarily to publish it.

Social exposure: a path to self-esteem?

It's time to take risks and expose yourself. Social networks are the perfect place for that! Instagram and Facebook are good choices. Snapchat is really selfie, but I find it out of focus (it's only my opinion) just like LinkedIn is more "focused" professional. Choose your photo, give it a particularly relevant title and share it, dare, dare !! Very often the returns are not made wait; first of all your entourage will be surprised by the approach and will discover you in a very different ways from what he usually sees. The self-portrait is often well perceived if it is well realized; so do not fool yourself! Post a photo you are proud of. Do not burn the steps. All these comments will help you to gain confidence and progress step by step, improve your photos, and especially your self-esteem.

What to do with criticism ?

Well, ok, there can also be negative reviews, so what? It's the social networks, do not dream either!

First see who it comes from, see if it's constructive or not. If the remarks are constructive, respond to them and integrate the information, it can help to progress; if not, just go over! But be careful, you are here to impose yourself, to assert yourself, to share your moods and your emotions; uncle Georges (still him) will always be there to tell you that he would have done it differently ... that he does it, it's not your problem.