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Hello Loved Ones,

With this serie of blog posts I'll try to explain further more self-portraits. This if of course my own point of view, and how it worked for me, it may not work for you or work differently ! We are all unique after all ! Do not hesitate to share your point of view with me in the comments !

1.What is it and how can it be good for you ?

2.What gear to use while shooting self-portraits ?

3.What to wear for a Self-portrait ?

4. How to pose ?

5. How to edit your shots ?

What I wear for my self-portraits ?

Most of the time, my self portraits are taken in nude or lingerie. This is a firm stance that I chose several years ago and I try to stick to it. I always had trouble accepting my body, so it's my body that I chose to show, to put in values. Besides, I find it easier for me to work naked because it allows me to see more precisely the poses that are flattering or not.

I think it is essential to feel good in what we wear (or not) to achieve our own portraits. I really think it's the key to successful and well-posed photos. If you feel good about what you are wearing then you are confident. And if you are confident behind the lens then your poses will be more natural and prettier!

How to pose?

Finding the right pose can sometimes be tricky. "Which pose will enhance my body? Are my facial expressions good? How to put me so that my flaws do not stand out in the photo? And my hands, where could I possibly put them ? " These are questions that I asked myself a long time, the whole thing is to train to get the best result possible.

How to pose your face

I do not think I'm in the best position to talk about that. Yes even if I start to feel comfortable when I shoot, I still have some demons to face! In theory, the best is to stay natural. So we avoid empty and meaningless glances. We try a maximum to bring out the emotions through the eyes. Be yourself ! You are sad, happy, so be it, your photos must reflect you!

Sitting, Standing and Lying poses

Here are some tips I can give you. First, look in a mirror and try different poses, you will find at first the poses with which you are most comfortable. Then, always try to point your feet, it gives an impression of length to your legs! Try to take off your arms from the body, arch your back, create angles with your body, because the curves are beautiful! What I usually do when I shoot is I first take a shot with a pose I wouldn't do in real life, then I take the same shot trying to be as natural as possible, I'm telling myself "How would I sit/stand if I was not in front of a camera?". And it usually gives me the best results, because it feels NATURAL ! :)

What to do with your hands ?

"I do not know what to do with my hands" I think this is the remark that comes back most often! If you have trouble managing your hands, at first the easiest way is to do something! A hand in the hair, on the nape of the neck, unbutton your blouse, the action does not matter, as long as they're busy doing something you would really do! It will eventually come naturally while shooting !

All these tips are just my personal opinion! It's up to you to play with your expressions, your body to have a unique and different rendering. For example I say that you have to arch your back to have pretty shapes on camera, but personally, I love doing the opposite. Breaking the rules is also creativity!