• CocoR

"I know where you are"

Hello Loved ones ! I feel like it's been ages since I've been here !

Last week we shot with the gorgeous Mariette ! To be totally honest, I was not feeling so great, and was clearly lacking inspiration, but damn I am so proud of the shots we got ! I got there with absolutely no clue of what I was going to do, but when we got into her apartment, it struck me. Mariette has her own world, super girly, flowery, pink, I just loved the mood of her place so much ! As a result, most of the shots were edited in color, and I know what you'll say:

-"OMG Coco what is happening to you ?! You're supposed to be shooting bnw !!!

Yes, yes I know, but the color tones of her room were way too pretty to put them in bnw, so here we are !

Here's some of the photos we took that day, don't hesitate to check out her Instagram right here, she might upload more shots of this session ! :)

What do you think ? Should I stick with bnw, or do you like my coor shots as well ?