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Mis à jour : 21 nov. 2018

Hello Loved Ones !

Here I am again, with a new collab !!!

"WHAT ?!?! She's modeling now ?? But why ? She's supposed to shoot only selfportraits !!"

Yes, yes, I hear you, I know my work is mainly focused on self portraits, and it is still the main part of my work, but this year, i needed a bit of a challenge. And posing for someone really is a big one for me.

I am used to shoot alone, in my marvellous house, being able to check my own camera settings, checking in live my poses... And with the years, it has become easy for me to shoot in that way, the hardest part being finding inspiration. As you know my photography has always been part of a healing process, but still never had the courage to get naked in front of someone else for a shooting.

That was this year challenge. I found the perfect artist ! @thery_david is really amazing, the shooting are professional but we still manage to have fun while shooting, and that's important for me ! He's working with analog photography, wich is a big change for me : I'm posing for someone else, I can't see how I'm doing, AND I have to way a certain amount of time before seeing the result ! The complete opposite of what I'm used to... CHALLENGE ACCEPTED !