• CocoR

Let’s all take nude selfies !

Naked or undressed? Exhibited or liberated? Shocking or attractive?

Why artistic nude? Just because I think the body is full of resources, it's almost infinite. With a little imagination and technique we can do a lot of things with a bare body, whether close up, or more in the boudoir style. Also, I think that a bare body tells a lot of things, it has a very special story, the marks of time, the scars, make its uniqueness, and that's what is beautiful. We all want to enter a pre-filled box defined by society, but we are all beautiful differently as we are.

After that it's true that the artistic nude is very controversial. "If you show your ass to everyone is means that you're a slut! ". We get a lot of this kind of comment (which usually comes from the most closed minded people). So yes, I show my body on the internet, I reveal something intimate and very personal. But it's not because we see a breast or a pair of buttocks that we enter the porn category. One must accept that photography, and the artistic nude can be a form of expression like any other. Some write books, me, I take my ass in photo.

When we start taking this kind of shots, we know for sure that we will enter a category. We submit to the looks and criticisms of people. You should also know that by posting this kind of photos we will have several types of audience: -People who value art, who generally encourage us to continue what we do, give us constructive criticism. -Voyeurs, who are only there to rinse the eye, and satisfy a primal desire... In general, you do not hear about them, they do not wave, you know they exist simply because from time to time you receive a little message of the type "send nudes". -The haters persuaded that the body (woman or man) must be dressed, and that nudity is blasphemy.

But although the opinions diverge, I personally found my account in this kind of photo. So yes there are sometimes comments that we would like to avoid, but let's be honest, it's still rather rare. I found a way of expression much stronger than writing, or even speech. In a sense it freed me.

What about you ? When are you starting the wonderful journey of self-portraiture ?