• CocoR

Looking back on 2018

Hello Loved Ones ! Here we are, 2019, a new year, is it really going to change sometinh though ? I'm not sure. As usual, and like everyone else, I'm full of good resolution for this new year to come.

Looking back on 2018 I think it has mainly been a good year. Not only for my photography but also personnally.

Begining 2018, I had lost myself, lost in the oblivion of self destruction, self hatred and heartache. Strange the things you remember. The people, the places, the moment in time burned in your heart forever, while other fade in the midst. I saw no path before me, I simply took a step and then another. Ever forward, ever rushing. And one day I looked back, and saw that each step was a choice toward self-acceptance. My heart was torned in pieces, and I could not love myself less at that moment. But still, I needed something to carry on. The least I could do was try to love myself a bit more.

I really did not think sharing my work, going public with my demons would be on the rise like that. Furthermore, I realized I was far from being the only one in this situation. Men and women. We are so many lacking self confidence, self love. My journey to heal myself has became a boat where I welcome every single person in the same situation as I was.

First what I shared on IG, was for me, and only for me to get better (pretty selfish I know). But soon my captions and shots attracted about 1000 broken souls like me, then, it was not just for me anymore.

2018 has been rough and amazing at the same time. I started very low and now I feel almost healed. So here I am starting 2019 with my mind full of projects, full of expectations. Of course, I will get on with the selfies, that I will not stop, for it is part of my well being. But I want now to share more, so from today, prints will be available on the website, I'll change them regularely, and of course if you have a special enquiery, just tell me I'll do my best to make it happen !

I wish you all a happy new year, and everything that goes with it.