• CocoR

My pretty little flaws 2

Hello Loved Ones !

I think I could go on for hours concerning women's body...I will try to make it brief today but I am not sure to get there! We live in a world where the woman must be perfect, but what exactly is perfection? The images of social networks as instituted are there to remind us daily that we will never touch perfection. Because honestly who can claim to have an "instagram" body without any editing today? Nobody. These daily publications remind us that our body is not in the norms, but really what is the norm? Let's not forget that depending on the pose, the angle of view and retouches we can all go from "not great" to "sexy hottie" ... We set physical goals to be achieved to be more this or less that, but I think goals should not be physically fixed but psychologically or intellectually. Today I start Volume 2 of my old series. I show you my body as it really is.

Lately, and because of networks, I have taken to subconsciously hiding parts of my body. Not for fear of showing them or out of shame, but because, without realizing it, the networks gently shape the brain. So yes I have hair, I like not to have hair and have soft skin but I do not like to suffer every two weeks for that, yes I have the skin that hangs in some place and I even have some stretch marks, so what? All these little flaws, they are mine, and I learned to tame them, they do not bother me anymore. I'm not ashamed to go to work without a bra and with hair under my arms, it's life I'm made like that. And the person who does not understand or finds it "dirty", very well . But for pity's sake, I do not judge you with your armpits shaved and you boobs locked in push up bras, so do not judge me not to want to bow to all these patriarchal dicta.

But, of course, there's still a few things I don't specially like with my body. But then what, even if I could change them, what would happen ? I thinks i'd just find something else to redirect my hate on. I just try to see everything on the positive side. I hate my nose, I find it too big (certainly because, everyone everywhere had a nosejob these days), I could do something about it, but I'd rather make fun of it and quote Cyranno de Bergerac ''Tis a rock!. . .a peak!. . .a cape! --A cape, forsooth! 'Tis a peninsular!"

I'm far from having -what we call here in France- a "Colgate's smile", but I like to think that my teeth are somehow what makes me actually beguiling. My right hand is actually fucked up because osteoarthritis began to eat me up, but I still have it and I can use it, so I guess afer all it's not so bad. Beauty is subjective, everyone has his own opinion about it, and I could tell you you're the most beautiful human on this planet, but it'll be useless until you tell yourself so.