• CocoR

New design again ???

I've been away from this section of the website for quite some time now...I won't find any good excuses to justify this absence. But I didn't feel like coming here, to complain about my new life, about haw I work too much, about how I don't feel so good lately... So here we are, with a brand new website design, as always. If you know me well, you might have realized that each time I feel bad, or don't have any inspiration, I just change everything on my website, thats my way of trying to get better!

So here are some of the most significant changes :

-No more patreon thingy, I love you all for giving me money, therefore the opportunity to publish a book, but I realized this was absolutely not necessary.

-A portfolio opened to everyone, simply because I felt like some of you were left out as you needed to sign in to see the shots. Well you still need to sign in to see "My journey" but this way everyone gets a piece of the cake !

-As I don't have as much time as before for selfportraits, I might (not sure about that yet, tell me what you think), i might create a section for my non-nude shots, such as the photos I take for work (culinary, real estate etc etc).

-2020 is a brand new year, so I'll try new stuff, such as working more with other people, taking selfportraits is cool, but kind of redundant after a time. So please contact me if you want to collab !

Hope you'll like this new design ! And if you notice any functional problems with the site, or have any suggestions to make it better, please tell me ! I'm always up for a website make over !