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Normality is a fine ideal for those who have no imagination.. 

Mis à jour : 18 juil. 2019

I have always fled comformity, whether by my style, my way of thinking, or my relationships.

When I was younger, I did everything I could not to be 'normal'. But in the end, what is normality? If it is not trying to enter a box defined by a society in perpetual evolution, it is finally a little the law of the majority. My conformity is the death of the soul and the personality.

This is a concept that is just as trivially considered as fundamentally anchored in an incommensurable desire to be the one or the one who is satisfied with an imbroglio of pretense that requires each of us to submit to an autocratic conformity, having the intimate conviction that this is the only way to be accepted by a world which arrogantly claims the sovereignty of a plurality of heterogeneities to make amends of any judgment, which would only make it the slave of a universal paragon of exemplarity.