• CocoR


"If you can not please everyone by your actions and your art, please less. Pleasing to many is bad". This is the quote that appears under the painting that is at the origin of my tattoo. (Nuda Veritas by Klimt for those who have not yet made the connection!). A new tattoo, a new area begins, a new year too!

I would like to break with the reference taste, with everything already seen, preach a true art, an art of feelings. Little by little, I take notice of myself and discover myself, without artifice, I realize what I really am. Have not my artistic creations been an alibi or subterfuge to present a seductive body without being condemned? Or do they refer us to ancient distinctions-legitimate or casuistic-between forms, objects, degrees of desire and love, the "body" of Truth being of another essence, of a another ontological level that evoke beings of flesh and not beings of reason?