• CocoR

Opening up

Hello Loved Ones,

Lately I have opened up to many more projects than before. And I am glad to share them with you today !

I once again played the model for @thery_photography, this great photographer who only shoots analog photography, and frankly the rendering is really great! We tested for the first time the "Porn art". Practice not widespread because the limit with vulgarity and obscenity is very thin. I must admit that the first minutes seemed very long and very embarassing but the result is simply sublime (well it remains my opinion! Do not hesitate to tell me what you think in comments!)

I also work on "couples" projects, at first with my favorite lover, because it is always easier to pose naked when we already know each other! And others with people with whom I had never been naked yet. Again, an embarrassing experience at first, but that brings so much!

By the way I noticed by uploading photos on my site that 2019 is a very productive year! I have never produced as many photos as this year, and it's not over yet. I think that the fact of imposing a rhythm of shooting every week forces me to push my creativity, and it is good to see that for the moment, it has not yet reached its limits!

And to finish with today's post, I wanted to warn you that a new section will be available soon in the portfolio! Following the precious advice of a friend, I will certainly publish the sketches I make regularly. For those who know me well, you know that with my rotten hands this is becoming more and more rare, but I still like to draw and scribble. And for those interested, these little masterpieces will soon be available on the site!