• CocoR


Sitting there I think and think again, I go around in circles. I question myself. For almost 10 years, I've been taking pleasure in taking self portraits. It has always helped me cope with the changes. Both for physical changes and more general evolutions of my inner self. Today I wonder if it is not time to evolve also in my artistic work.

Do I still need these self-portraits to feel good about myself? Surely.

Is this work on me redundant and monotonous? I have a strange feeling that it actually is.

Will I be able to do without it? Nothing is less sure.

I feel the need to make a drastic change in my photo work but still am too afraid of the unknown to start. I have always been on both sides of the lens, and abandoning one or the other seems unthinkable for me.

Some seek recognition and publish their art in order to be known and recognized, this is not my case. I am looking for contact. To have a thousand or a hundred thousand subscribers on instagram does not matter to me, what really bothered me is to make you vibrate, to gather, to make sure that my photos brings an emotion, a feeling. Good or bad is not the question, I'm looking for a reaction, chills. Explore the unknown or stay in my comfort zone, I have to make a choice.