• CocoR


Hello Loved Ones,

You all know I am gratefull for all the love you give on Instagram, I really enjoy your comments and feedback on my work, but please, don't be a sheep, stop believing everything you see on internet. I am a bit upset today, and here's why :

Today, (I do not know if it's a good thing or not), someone recognized me on the street. Someone who apparently follows my work on instagram, since this person called me Coco, and recognized me with my tattoos. At this point, nothing to be upset about !

I'm talking to you about it today because even though I've always been aware of it, I've never been faced with this situation before. This person just told me "Oh shit ! You look way much better on Instagram !!". Damn what did you expect ??

Yes, loved ones! Social networks are not a reflection of reality. What would you expect if you met me in the street? No, I do not wear make-up everyday (because I'm a fucking lazy woman), yes I'm blind as a bat and have a fucking strabismus in the right eye. And it's not because I take pictures of me naked, that I am a sex beast or that I dress in a very sexy way. You might not see all of that on my Instagram shots. Even though I'm not photoshopping any of my shot, I'm trying not to show every single thing that I hate about myself (one step at a time ! )

I wanted to remind you once again. What you see on the networks, on instagram, is only what I chose to show you. My everyday life does not come down to taking pictures of my buttocks! Stop naively believing everything you are allowed to see!

Here's what i'm most likely to look like if we meet !