• CocoR


Hello Loved Ones,

It's been a while since I wrote a blog post. I wish I could write more often, have time, inspiration.

Spleen is out of fashion, and yet it is my artistic fuel, the spark that burst the flames of my creativity. Have you ever had this problem? To be blocked. Only manage to create when something is wrong, to see the inspiration only in the turmoil. It's something I've been experiencing for a while now, and to be honest, it's awful. I feel artistically fulfilled only when I'm not in other areas. If I am fulfilled in my daily life I can not create, but when I create I stagnate. The dilemma of my life ...

Finally, is not this the very definition of an artist? A tormented soul who lets out his demons through his art, which often ends up sinking into a vice or is forgotten because he found a solution to his problem? Sometimes I ask myself the question because I do not know what I prefer. I have a hard time making a choice. I do not know if I prefer to live with the demons that feed my art, or see them erode just like my inspiration. What if you had to make a choice?