• CocoR


Having trouble accepting your body is a subject that often comes up. But when we talk about #bodypositivity and self-acceptance, what comes up most often is "But you do not have any curves, so why aren't you comfortable with yourself ? ". I am often criticized for speaking of bodypositivity when I am thin and that finally "what do you complain about Coco? ". Let me remind you that even the most "perfect" women can feel bad about themselves and hate parts of their body, have complex. Having complexes is not necessarily a question of weight, shape, size, it is a question of perception of one's own body. This is the vision we have of ourselves, so, yes, very often this vision is wrong. But respect the vision of everyone and stop saying "you're so thin you do not have to complex about your body! ".

I think that if anyone were offered to change something of their body, the person will accept without question. Even if it is a small change, or not visible. For example, if I were offered to change, I would not change the shape of my body, it is what it is and to be quite honest I do not care a bit. But I will choose a body that does not make me suffer martyrdom every morning, a body that does not rust faster than the average, a body that would not stop me from performing the most mundane tasks in my everyday life. And even though it's not a seemingly complex, it's still a complex that I live with every day. The days of strong pain, I am not even able to open a bottle of water and have to ask for help and that, even if it seems quite minimal, complex me enormously.