• CocoR


Hello Loved Ones!

I took a step back the last few weeks on social networks. A lot of personal life changes are coming in and I really needed to take a step back, I'll definitely tell you a little more when it's more concrete, but for now the changes come down to this break and the new site!

The Instagram break: I was asked if I had felt the famous FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). I must admit that the first days were more complicated than I had imagined. I had a weird feeling that I was going to miss my friends' best artwork on Instagram, but in the end, life is only that. Missed moments. More days went by and eventually I was having trouble spending time on Instagram. But I will be back very soon! The break has been beneficial, but I can not wait to share new photos!

The new site If you follow me for a little while, you must know that I like to renew the design of my site fairly regularly. It's done, once more! Something new this time. I created a donation system. I'm not looking for money. Photography remains a passion, but it's time consuming, and the gear is expensive. This way of working will also allow me to share exclusive content, as well as to send you more small gifts! I am well aware that many of you will not participate, and it does not matter, I do not want at all that you feel obliged to give anything, you are free to give (or not) as much that you want.

See you very soon my Loves