• CocoR

To the next Level

Hello Loved Ones ! Today is a big day, I think I finally realize that I've taken a big step in my life, I'm not accepting myself anymore, I'm starting to love myself !

A few years back, my biggest complex were my legs, I hated everything about it. I inherited my mom's legs, fat, short and with no defined ankles... I hated them so much that for a time I wore only large pants, so that no one could see them...

In 2011, I started a new school, where we had those uniforms, with a short SKIRT. That was the begining of everything for me, I had to deal with it and go threw the day with my legs out in the world. And of course at the time I was the only one to see those terrible flaws of mine.

At the very begining of my self-portraits experience, I always cut my legs out (among other things), because, well because you know. And now after a few years, they're still not perfect, I'm far from perfect. But having them exposed for a while, with no one criticizing them made me realize that these imperfections I was seing were in my head.

I never thought I could do that, but here I am today, posting a shot of my lonely legs, nothing more.

Just remember, you're often the only one to see your flaws, or to hate something about your body. You can always overcome this feeling of hate towards your body you just have to learn to tame it.

Growing up is power !