• CocoR

Tout cul tendu.. ..

I studied restaurant management, an environment still very masculine and somewhat macho. A medium where the saying: "any tight ass deserves its" is still relevant. Even if it's only a saying, a phrase repeated to young girls for joking, and that I used it, I have more and more difficulty to accept this mentality. This sexualization of women in all circumstances.

My solution at the time?  Sexualize men just as much. Spanking a woman as she leans forward is normal, but try to do the same thing to a man ... Two solutions: the guy either has a sense of humor and takes it well or so all of he is offended. Why should we accept this kind of inappropriate move and not you gentlemen? Why spanking a woman is exciting and degrading for a man? I do not put all men in the same basket, of course not, but think about it, do not do to someone what you would not like us to do to you 😘