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Trying out dudeoir

Hello Loved Ones ! I'm back with some fresh news... I've asked you if you wanted to see something else than my selfportraits on my Instagram feed, and DAMN ! You were 500 to respond !!!!! That number is just gigantic to me, seeing that so many of you actually care about my work is crazy ! So yes, you've asked for something new and I'm going to give it to you !

Why dudeoir ?

Someone told me my feed would be incoherent, and that posting dudedoir was not a good idea. Why choosing dudeoir when I'm only posting shots of myself, a woman ?

Well, first, I don't really care about the coherence of my feed, I'm posting the shots I like the most, and if you've been following me for a while now, you would know that I used to alternate nudes and landscapes shot... I'm incoherent so what ?

Further more I started self portrait to improve my self-love and now I'm trying to help other overcome their flaws, their vision of themselves. Women are not the only one suffering from this lack of self-esteem, men can live with this too. So why not try and help men feel better as well ?

The Shoot

These few shots are from a shoot with Vincent, who called me not only because he wanted to create memories of himself, but also because he had some issues with his self-confidance and wanted to overcome them.

"In hindsight, I'm delighted with our session, it was great! Is it really me on these pictures? It makes me want to redo other quickly! "

I'm so happy to get such feed back on my work, and of course if any of you are somewhere around here, if you're not a model (or maybe you are) and you have trouble with self-confidance, contact me, I'll be glad to try and help you overcome whatever it is with you.

Are selfportraits coming back ?

Don't worry my loves, if you are one of the many who didn't want to see anything else than m self-portraits. They'll come back very soon. Posting those shots, is also goinf to help me recharge my inspiration for self portraits. With those post I'll be able to worry a bit less of Instagram and get into CREATION !