• CocoR

Vulgaire mais pas catin

Hello Loved ones!

In some of my posts, I've mentioned the concept of vulgarity and how some stupid persons allowed themselves to call me 'vulgar'... Here's what I think about that 😉

The funny thing about vulgarity is that it makes people talk about it ... Even if we do not really know what it means, "to be vulgar".

The "vulgar" insult has made a semantic shift. It is no longer a matter of mouthing the plebs, these ordinary men: they are now used to describe a deliberately provocative attitude, playing on social norms. And strangely (no), nowadays, this little game, it is often women who drink.

A rude man will more readily be described as "rude" than "vulgar", just as a man playing on his hot plastic will be a "playboy", or "provocateur", but much more rarely "vulgar".

Why ? Simply because it is not yet common to see a woman play with the norms of society.

With the sexual liberation of women, the apprehension of the use they have of their own body is getting worse. A woman who does not reach consensus is vulgar. From this comes the tyranny of a femininity without waves with exhausting constraints. Vulgarity is not a trivial concept. It does not define anything specific. It is not constructive. It serves only one thing: to reassure society's hold on our moral judgments.