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What did you expect ?

Hello Loved Ones !

Today I'm writting about hypersexualisation, simply because I'm tired to be seen as an object, as a body... Let me explain :

Hypersexualization assigns a sexual connotation to someone or to a behavior that is generally unrelated to sexuality. It is not uncommon to see advertisements where women's bodies are used as an object to sell a lambda product. This is the perfect example of hypersexualization. This practice is not trivial and is not new. It is almost omnipresent in our daily lives and is also deeply sexist. Indeed, it is always the body of women or young women that is used and put forward in the media. This is the very foundation of our consumer society where everything at a price, everything is bought and everything is sold, even (especially) the women's bodies. Hypersexualization is born of several influences. For example, the democratization of the internet has facilitated access to pornography and has thus also contributed to its trivialization. Images or evocations with sexual characters have therefore more easily emerged in the different modes of communication: whether on television, in music videos or on social networks.

Hypersexualization is rooted in our patriarchal society and perpetuated for years, through the media, but not only. When will we understand that woman is not and will never be an object? When will it be understood that a woman's role is not to satisfy the needs and desires of a man? Will we understand, one day, that they are more than breasts or buttocks? And that nudity has nothing to do with the "worth" of a woman? Little girls are told that it is very important to work well in school, to do major studies so that the main examples they see in the media are put forward only for their bodies and not for their brains. Pretty ironic, no? Beyond the lack of representations that would fight against hypersexualization, the impact on the main stakeholders is not anecdotal: social pressure to stay young and be sexy in all circumstances, loss of self-confidence, complex, etc. .