• CocoR

Your body is your story

The body has become a social issue and its image is badly damaged by our society. It must be thin, tall, muscular, without cellulite, without stretch marks, without scars ... The problem is that it does not exist or not enough to be a model!

How many people looking at themselves in the mirror do not find what they "should" be and end up devaluing themselves and losing confidence in themselves instead of questioning the illusory model imposed by our society.

Model symbolizing youth, success, strength, dynamism, fulfillment, happiness, sexuality ... Which most of the time is much too heavy to endorse.

I was part of these people, who faced the images of magazines, did not feel beautiful, not strong enough to face this world. I've always been very shy, but as I got older, being too fat or too thin just made things worse. I completely lost mu self confidence, and my life was at a dead point. I felt like I could never accomplish anything.

Photography relieved me, and the process is simple. One day I put down my camera, set the self-timer and started taking my picture of myself . Magical, with a beautiful light, a beautiful pose, a beautiful composition, the final image is .... BEAUTIFUL !!!

Of course, many things can be retouched on digital photos. I could of course if I wanted, open Photoshop and make my boobs bigger, my thighs thinner, my mouth plumper but that would have been just like the magazines. So I did not make this choice, (I’ll show you on another post how I edit my photos if you like). I want to love myself as I am, so I almost do not edit my shots.

Your body is your story! You do not have the body you want but you have the body you need. The hardest thing is finally to learn to accept it as it is. To know how to sublimate it without modifying it. This goes through the light, the composition of the image but also and especially the poses that you take. And you will see once you fall in, it is difficult to stop. It's so good, and fun to love yourself for what you are!