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Mis à jour : 18 nov. 2018

Hello Loved Ones,

About a week ago, I asked my followers on Intagram to ask me any kind of question, to ask me what they had in mind. And I really like Instagram for this ability to share with everyone so easily. BUT there was a ton of questions, and I could only respond with short and concise answers. So let me answer you here with more details :)

Are all shots Self portraits ?

Yes, all the shots with a naked woman in it, are selfportraits. I am not doing this because I like my reflection or because I am a narcissist (maybe a bit sometimes though)... I think I started self portrait for many reasons, but the first that comes to mind is because I am really insecure with my ability to produce great shots. And I'm still not sure to be good enough to ask anyone to model for me...

What kind of camera do you shoot with ?

I am shooting with a Canon 70D (Team canon yeaaaaaah), but I really do not think this matters in the artistic quality of my shots... It is not the gear that makes a great shot. You can have the best camera of all time and still produce shitty artwork. I think everything you need is in your mind and in your heart. Creativity and imagination are the key (well for me)

Why bnw ?

I'd say why not ? No, for real, this question has been asked on my IG which is exclusively BNW but I also enjoy color shots ! I'd just say I began to shoot in BNW because it was easier, easier to hide the flaws of my shots at first. But then when my technique got better, I also realized that I was more into BNW than colors. Maybe because I feel like in BNW shots, the colors are not present to distract you, or to fool you in some way.

Do you consider yourself a model or a photographer ?

Tricky question, well done ! I'd say I'm none (or maybe both). I don't consider myself a model as I only pose for me. There has been a few exception but I never pose for other photographers, simply because when I am not behind the camera I am not able to control the rendering of the shot, check if my pose is what I wanted... And I don't consider myself a photographer either because I am far from being a professional, I am shooting alone in my house, with no gear except for my camera !!

So let's just say that I am nor a photographer nor a model, but I might be an Artist ;)

Collabs ?

As I said in the previous question, I barely do that. But there has been a few exceptions. I have done a collab with @thery_david and for a time my friend @gabrielfox took some of my shots and drew them (you need to check out his work by the way !!)

You're a mom ??

Yes, I am the happiest mom on earth ! Who am I kidding ? I am exhausted, covered in baby food and stained from her paint, drawning in a toy tsunami... But hey she's my little princess.

Can we have a chat if you're willing to ?

I am always available for a chat, sometimes it can take me quite some time to respond because, hey I have a life, but I'm always happy to talk to you, my loved ones ! Whether it is about photography, art or even the current weather, I love to talk to you ! There is however an exception to that, I don't respond to dick pics, or "send nudes" messages, I hope you get why :)

What's your name ?

Coco is fine to me :) I do have a real name, but I don't really like it...

When did you start photography ?

You can check my other blog post talking about that, but as far as I can remember I always played with cameras. I started Selfportrait when I was 17 I think.