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Your Questions 3

Hello Loved Ones !

It's been a long time since I took the time to answer your questions properly in here... So here we go, I'll take the time to answer your questions with more details than on Ig, and also I'll answer the question I didn't get to answer the first time.

Would you pose for me if we were closer ?

That's a tough question. I am not a model, and I don't especially enjoy posing for someone else than myself. I like to be in control, to see what I'm doing, if the pose i'm taking is okay, if the lights / shadows are what I'm expecting. So just like that I would say no, simply because I'm more of a photographer than a model. But I made some exceptions in the past, because I had a great feeling with the photographer, I loved his work and the project he had for the shoot, so I agreed to play the model...

Why do you sometimes wear wigs ?

Why do I wear wigs ? Hmmm. I don't really know. I used to have really long hair, I cut everything off when I was pregnant, I guess I sometimes feel nostalgic of my mane haha. I love to dress up, so I guess wigs just come with the outfit sometimes !

What's your biggest dream ?

I think I'll answer this question in another post, because right now, I have a hard time putting words on my feelings about that.

Do you know I love you ?

When someone says that on Ig, I must admit admit that I don't really know how to take it... It is kind of pleasing but creepy at the same time. What I mean by that is that I'm not sure you can "love" someone you've never met, someone you've never talked to. Feeling loved is always pleasing but here, it's kind of weird... I know that love can come in many forms, love for a child, a friend, a lover, but I'm more use to people loving my work rather rhan loving me...

What do you think is the world biggest problem ?

There is so many problems in our current society that it is hard to tell what is the world biggest problem...There's climate change, water scarcity, gender inequalities, wars, major global health issues and so much more...

Best book for inspiration ?

There are so many, but I am a big fan of french poetry, my very favorite is "Spleen by Baudelaire", but I also like Victor Hugo, Apollinaire and so many more. I think I'm a eternal romantic person, I really enjoy those love poems. I love when a text, a book, a poem, gives me the chills.

Where do you find your inspiration ?

I would say, mostly books and music. This is generally for me the first step of a shooting. I usually never plan a shooting, the need of taking shots just comes with a feeling that I get while reading or listening to music. This feeling usually comes when I relate to a certain text, to a feeling described in a book or in a song.

How do you take your pictures ?

I think I've explained it all on my blog post "How to take self portraits". But to make it quick :

- I find something that really inspires me.

- I set up my gear (tripod, camera, and a remote)

- I just start shooting whatever I feel like shooting. Sometimes I can shoot for hours because I have a lot to let go, to express. And sometimes I just take a few shots and wrap it all up, because maybe I'm not inspired enough or I just don't feel like shooting at this particular moment.

What's your intention in shooting sensual content ?

I don't have any particular intention when shooting sensual content. My very first goal when I started to shoot nudes was to start loving my body as it was nude and raw. Now it just became a habit. In my everyday life I love not wearing clothes, I am not a nudist but I don't like to feel trapped in my clothes. That's mainly why I never wear bras, and I only wear comfortable clothes. So, no, there's no particular intention behind shooting sensual content, I am not trying to arrouse or seduce anyone, except me !